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Quiz: How Much You Know About Dassault Rafale?

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India went a step further towards chalking the security of its air borders when, after 23 years, a fleet of five new and state-of-the-art Rafale fighter jets (Multirole fighter aircraft) flew from France to today, the country's strategically important Ambala Air Reached base. These aircraft, after joining the Air Force, will give the country an edge over the air warfare capabilities of its adversaries. These Rafale aircraft with an impeccable track record are considered one of the finest fighter aircraft in the world. The aircraft landed at Ambala airbase in Haryana this afternoon, covering a distance of 7,000 km from the Marignac airbase in the city of Bordeaux, France. Let's explore yourself about Rafale.

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1. Which is the literal meaning of The Dassault Rafale?

110822 Gust of sky
110823 Gust of wind
110824 Guest of wind
110825 None of these

2. The Rafale is referred to as an "------------------" aircraft by Dassault.

110826 Omni role
110827 Single role
110828 Multy role
110829 None of these

3. Which one of the following are Primary users of the Dassault Rafale?

110830 French Air Force
110831 French Navy
110832 Indian Air Force
110833 All of the above

4. When the French Naval Aviation the air arm of the French Navy, received its first two Rafale M fighters?

110834 December 1000
110835 December 2000
110836 December 3000
110837 December 4000

5. Which generation of Rafale jet does India have?

110838 4th generation
110839 5th generation
110840 4th plus generation
110841 None of these

6. Which one is the top speed of Dassault Rafale?

110842 3,700 km/h
110843 9,979 km/h
110844 2500 km/h
110845 1,389 km/h

7. Who is Manufacturer of Dassault Rafale?

110846 Boeing Commercial Airplanes
110847 United Airlines
110848 Dassault Aviation
110849 French Airlines

8. India has contracted --------------- Rafale multi-role fighter jets from France.

110850 36 Rafale
110851 16 Rafale
110852 05 Rafale
110853 46 Rafale

9. How many tons does an empty Dassault Rafale weigh?

110854 5
110855 10
110856 15
110857 29

10. Rafael is equipped with deadly missile, which of the following?

110858 Meteore
110859 SCALP
110860 HAMMER
110861 All of the above

11. How many times can Rafael fly faster than Sound?

110862 01times
110863 02 times
110864 03 times
110865 04 times

12. Which is the most dangerous missile mounted in Rafale?

110866 Meteore
110867 SCALP
110868 HAMMER
110869 None of these
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