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How Much You Know About Svalbard Norwegian Archipelago Quiz

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Svalbard, the 'fastest-warming' region on Earth, is increasingly affected by the extreme consequences of climate change. It is the Svalbard archipelago of Norway, located in the northernmost region of the Earth. Due to global warming, the water level of the Arctic is increasing rapidly due to which extreme seasonal activities are being seen here. Svalbard's current average annual temperature has increased by 4 degrees Celsius compared to 1970, while winter temperatures have risen 7 degrees above normal. Svalbard is an archipelago located in the Arctic Ocean. It is located between Norway and the North Pole, a few miles from the mainland of Europe. So play this quiz and increase your knowledge about archipelago (Svalbard).

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1. Where were the Dutch and Danish prisoners sent as an option to punish in the eighteenth century?

25626 Europe
25627 Svalbard
25628 Both of above
25629 None of these

2. Svalbard is an archipelago located in the Arctic Ocean. It is about ________ miles from the mainland of Europe.

25630 440 miles away
25631 430 miles away
25632 400 miles away
25633 100 miles away

3. What is the name of the fastest heating city on earth?

25634 Bangkok
25635 Longyearbyen
25636 South Africa
25637 Singapore

4. Who was punished for driving large boats used for hunting whale fish?

25638 Prisoner of Denmark
25639 Danish prisoners
25640 Dutch caddy
25641 All the above

5. Where is a research institute on 'Global Seed Vault' and 'Global Warming' and 'Polar Technology' located?

25642 France
25643 Europe
25644 Asia
25645 Svalbard

6. What percentage of 'Svalbard' is covered by a glacier?

25646 40%
25647 50%
25648 60%
25649 70%

7. Presently _______ area of ​​'Svalbard' archipelago is being protected by dividing it into 7 national parks and 23 natural protected areas.

25650 Two third
25651 Two fourth
25652 Two fifth
25653 Two sixth

8. The main city of 'Svalbard' is 'Longyearbyen', which has a population of ________.

25654 More than 4,000
25655 More than 5,000
25656 More than 6,000
25657 More than 2,000

9. What is the northernmost city on earth?

25658 Tokyo
25659 Chile
25660 Longyearbyen
25661 All of them

10. Arctic sea ice levels have dropped by about how many percents per decade compared to 1979?

25662 Declined by 12%
25663 Declined by 22%
25664 Declined by 02%
25665 Declined by 72%

11. Svalbard's current average annual temperature has increased by 4 ° C compared to 1970. While the temperature of the winter season is how much higher than normal?

25666 3 degrees high
25667 5 degrees high
25668 7 degrees high
25669 9 degrees high

12. The Climate in Svalbard 2100 report also warns that the annual mean air temperature in Svalbard may rise from ______ to _____ degrees Celsius by the end of this century.

25670 5 to 10 degrees
25671 1 to 10 degrees
25672 9 to 10 degrees
25673 7 to 10 degrees
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