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Quiz: How Much Lesbian Energy Do You Radiate?

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Are you aware of lesbians and their life? There are various energies we feel towards lesbian? There are several people who feel themselves connected towards lesbian maybe because they might have some combination and they might too have some characteristics like Lesbians. Have you ever thought about How Much Lesbian Energy Do You Radiate? If you are confused or want to know much about your lesbian energy, then here is this very amazing trivia quiz and see what do you get as your answer!!

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1. How often do you feel attracted to the same sex?

112914 Very Often
112915 Somewhat
112916 Often
112917 Rarely

2. Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex?

112918 Never
112919 Once
112920 2-3 times
112921 Infinite times

3. Which song is your guilty pleasure?

112922 Don't Cha
112923 Te Amo
112924 Toxic
112925 Dancing Queen

4. Choose your favorite movie?

112926 Mean Girls
112927 Clueless
112928 Pitch Perfect
112929 Mamma Mia!

5. Choose your favorite drag queen?

112930 Katya
112931 Sasha Velour
112932 Manila Luzon
112933 Valentina

6. What type of shirt do you like?

112934 Floral
112935 Patterns
112936 Colourful
112937 Proper Formal

7. What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

112938 Keanu Ravees is immortal
112939 Birds aren't real, they are government drones
112940 Moon landing was fake
112941 Mandela effect

8. Who is your favorite Disney princess?

112942 Rapunzel
112943 Tiana
112944 Cindrella
112945 Snow White

9. Choose your favorite destination?

112946 Amsterdam
112947 Paris
112948 Prague
112949 New York

10. Who is your favorite one direction member?

112950 Harry
112951 Liam
112952 Louis
112953 Niall

11. What is your favorite music video?

112954 New Rules
112955 Girls like Girls
112956 Bad Blood
112957 Rain on me

12. What type of house do you like?

112958 Cottage
112959 Bungalow
112960 Flat
112961 All type of houses
Let’s start the quiz

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