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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Tottempudi Gopichand?

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Movies are very much amazing pass time for several people and we all are loving the fact. There are millions of movies to binge-watch and choosing one of them has never been an easy task. We generally choose the movies of the celebrities that are close to us or the ones we love a lot. One of those much-loved celebrities we adore is Tottempudi Gopichand, who is commonly known as Gopichand. He has done such amazing work in the Tamil film industry. There are millions of fans of Gopichand, and that is why we have got this trivia quiz which answers the question How Much Do You Know About Tottempudi Gopichand? This quiz is particularly for the lovers of Gopichand!!

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1. When was Gopichand born?

107264 29 June, 1979
107265 1 February, 1979
107266 11 November, 1979
107267 12 June, 1979

2. What is the height of Gopichand?

107268 1.81 meters
107269 1.78 meters
107270 1.75 meters
107271 1.72 meters

3. What is the name of the wife of Gopichand?

107272 Supriya
107273 Sapna
107274 Reshma
107275 Rashi

4. What is the nickname of Gopichand?

107276 Prince
107277 Macho Star
107278 King
107279 Shining Star

5. Which genre is most famous of Gopichand?

107280 Action
107281 Horror
107282 Thriller
107283 Comedy

6. Which famous filmmaker was the father of Gopichand?

107284 P.Gopichand
107285 Krishna Babu
107286 Nagarjuna
107287 T.Krishna

7. What is the name of the debut movie of Gopichand?

107288 Nijam
107289 Jayam
107290 Tholi Valapu
107291 Varsham

8. What is the name of the first co-star of Gopichand?

107292 Sneha
107293 Rashi
107294 Nayanthara
107295 Priya

9. In which movie did Gopichand play a negative role?

107296 Jayam
107297 Nijam
107298 Varsham
107299 All of the above

10. For which film did Gopichand was a playback singer?

107300 Rayam
107301 Raghu
107302 Nijam
107303 Golimaar

11. Which song was sung by Gopichand?

107304 Aiyyari
107305 Dhandhakam
107306 Kalmari
107307 None of the above

12. What is the name of the debut movie of Gopichand in a negative role?

107308 Raghu
107309 Nijam
107310 Vijam
107311 Golimaar
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