Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Subsidiary Alliance?

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Do you know, when did subsidiary alliance was first introduced and where did it come from? If you don't have any information about subsidiary alliance? then don't worry, here's all the information about the subsidiary alliance. A subsidiary alliance is a form of political and military control established by a dominant power over a weaker state. In this arrangement, the weaker state retains its nominal independence but becomes highly dependent on the dominant power for protection and guidance. Often, the dominant power also controls the weaker state's foreign affairs and military forces. It was preliminarily introduced in South Asian history, it was a tributary alliance between an Indian state and a European East India Company. It was a major process that led to the building of the British Empire in India. So let's start this quiz and learn more interesting facts about subsidiary alliances.

Questions Excerpt

1. Who introduced the Subsidiary Alliance System in India?

A. Lord Ripan

B. Lord Dalhousie

C. Lord Wellesley

D. None of these

2. In a subsidiary alliance, which state retains its nominal independence?

A. The dominant state

B. The subsidiary state

C. Both states equally

D. None of these states

3. Which Indian state became the first victim of the Subsidiary Alliance in 1798?

A. Awadh

B. Satara

C. Mysore

D. Hyderabad

4. In which century was the Subsidiary Alliance system implemented in India?

A. 17th century

B. 18th century

C. 19th century

D. 20th century

5. The Subsidiary Alliance aimed to establish British control over which region of India?

A. Northern India

B. Southern India

C. Eastern India

D. Western India

6. Which Indian ruler was the first to be subjected to the Subsidiary Alliance?

A. Tipu Sultan

B. Shivaji Maharaj

C. Akbar the Great

D. Rani Laxmi Bai

7. Which states did not accept Subsidiary Alliance?

A. Mysore

B. Hyderabad

C. Maratha Empire

D. Holkar state of Indore

8. Who was the Governor-General of India when the Subsidiary Alliance system was introduced?

A. Lord Clive

B. Lord Wellesley

C. Lord Curzon

D. Lord Mountbatten

9. How did the Subsidiary Alliance affect the sovereignty of Indian states?

A. Enhanced sovereignty

B. Unchanged sovereignty

C. Reduced sovereignty

D. Sovereignty transferred to the British

10. Which of the following was not a component of the Subsidiary Alliance agreements?

A. Cession of territory

B. Payment of tribute

C. Continued autonomy

D. Disbandment of the state's army

11. What was the main method used by the British to enforce the Subsidiary Alliance system?

A. Diplomacy

B. Military force

C. Economic incentives

D. Cultural assimilation

12. Which of the following terms is often associated with the Subsidiary Alliance system?

A. Swaraj

B. Satyagraha

C. Pax Britannica

D. Jallianwala Bagh


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