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Quiz: How Do You Know If Someone Loves You?

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Questions & Options

1. Have you at any point had a beau?

4344 Indeed
4345 No
4346 Sort of
4347 I wish

2. Have you ever imagined about him/her!!!

4348 No
4349 Indeed
4350 Possibly
4351 Are you insane I course I havn't

3. Would you wed him/her

4352 Truly
4353 Obviously
4354 Perhaps
4355 No

4. Whats his/her most loved game out of the accompanying

4356 Ball
4357 Soccer
4358 Football
4359 Other

5. What might you do in the event that he/she kiss you

4360 kiss him back
4361 Scream(in happiness)
4362 Embrace and kiss him/her
4363 Simply have a bizarre slients

6. What might you do on the off chance that he requesting that you move

4364 State yes
4365 Get a bit embrassed however move
4366 State no I cannot move
4367 Simply move

7. How might you reveal to him/her that you like him/her

4368 Before everybody
4369 Alone
4370 I wouldnt let him/her know
4371 He/she definitely knows

8. What kind of identity would you say you are?

4372 Caring and adoring
4373 Humorous
4374 Strong and free
4375 Elegant
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