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How Dateable Are You Quiz

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Are you prepared for the change and find a date? Someone somewhere is made for you. Do others find you a good dateable material too? Have you ever wondered about where you are positioned? Not everyone has the same characteristics that the other person desires but there is nothing to demoralize from. Take the short quiz to find how desirable or how close you are to their expectation.

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1. What is your fashion style?

79964 Vintage
79965 Modern
79966 Trendy
79967 Keeps on changing

2. How many past relations you had?

79968 One
79969 Two
79970 I only had one night stands
79971 Don't remember

3. How long did your most serious relationship last?

79972 2 years
79973 5 years
79974 Ongoing
79975 1 year

4. Where did you go on your first date?

79976 Music Concert
79977 Long Drive into the hills
79978 Restaurant
79979 Discothèque

5. How do you smell?

79980 Calvin Klein
79981 Chicken
79982 Garlic
79983 Lomani

6. According to you, what is your most appealing character?

79984 Intelligence
79985 Compassion
79986 Physical beauty
79987 Understandability

7. Which pet would you like to adopt?

79988 Goldfish
79989 Snake
79990 Puppy
79991 Kitten

8. What is the one word for your bedroom?

79992 Comfortable
79993 Adorable
79994 Messy
79995 Crowded

9. How adventurous are you?

79996 I am wild
79997 I do not like adventure
79998 I prefer safety over adventure
79999 Adventure is complete fun

10. How much time do you take to get ready for the date?

80000 1-2 hours
80001 15- 30 minutes
80002 More than 2 hours
80003 Not sure
Let’s start the quiz

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