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Quiz: How Compatible Are You And Your Partner?

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A lot of people having a concern regarding their compatibility issues. As they claim to be compatible with their partner, but after some time they might be frustrated with the baggage of a relationship. Here we have designed 10 questions on “How compatibles Are You And Your Partner Quiz” which lets you know about your current relationship situation. Take this quiz and find more.

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1. How well do you know your partner?

40539 Very well
40540 She is my childhood friend
40541 Not really
40542 Don’t know

2. What’s your partner's favorite color?

40543 Red
40544 Black
40545 Blue
40546 Green

3. How would you love to propose your partner?

40547 Sing a song for her
40548 On a dinner
40549 On a beach
40550 Having international trip together

4. If someone asks how compatible you are with your partner, how would you reply?

40551 Says very much
40552 Say nothing and just smile
40553 Ignore their question
40554 Don’t know

5. What fun activity do you like to do with your loved one?

40555 Going on a vacation
40556 Having paragliding
40557 Swim together
40558 Gyming

6. Do you guys have a nickname for each other?

40559 No
40560 It’s not so cool
40561 Yes
40562 Not really

7. Are you guys religious?

40563 No
40564 Both of us are religious
40565 I am not but she is
40566 I don’t have any idea

8. What’s your take on sex life?

40567 Amazing
40568 Average
40569 We guys are happy
40570 We don’t share any sex life

9. If you were going on date, what color of dress would you love to gift your partner?

40571 Red
40572 Blue
40573 Black
40574 White

10. Describe your relationship:

40575 Caring and understanding
40576 Excellent in all terms
40577 We ignore each other
40578 We only share same bed
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