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Electric Current And Its Effects Trivia Quiz For 7th Grade Students

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This is a quiz on Electric Current and Its Effects for 7th-grade students. Electric current: - When there is a net current of electric charge through a metal wire, it is called an electric current, or an electric current is the flow of charged particles. The current is measured using a device called an ammeter, and its SI unit is the ampere (A). Mainly three of the current There are effects, heating, chemical, and magnetic effects. The definition of the three effects is something like this. 1. Heating effect: - The conversion of electrical energy into heat energy is called 'Joule heating' or heating effect. 2. Chemical effects: - The passage of electric current through a conductor liquid causes chemical reactions, the resulting effects are called chemical effects of currents. 3. Magnetic effect: - A wire or a conductor that conducts an electric current develops a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of current flow. Is called the magnetic effect. So let's start this quiz and know about Electric Current And Its Effects. "Best of luck".

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1. Who was the father of Electric current?

112194 Galileo Galilei
112195 Michael Faraday
112196 Benjamin Franklin
112197 Maria Sibylla Merian

2. Choose the name of the one device that works on the basis of the magnetic effects of current?

112198 Bulb
112199 Wire
112200 Television
112201 Loudspeaker

3. What is the name of the device which is used these days in place of electric fuses in electrical circuits?

112202 Miniature Circuit Breaker(MCB)
112203 Plastic Circuit Breaker (PCB)
112204 Magnetic Circuit Breaker (MCB)
112205 Rubber Circuit Breaker (RCB)

4. Who discovered the electric current and in which year?

112206 Thomas Edison, 1659
112207 James Watson, 1579
112208 Benjamin Franklin, 1759
112209 Noam Chomsky, 1769

5. Who has discovered the magnetic effect of electric current?

112210 Alain Aspect
112211 David Baltimore
112212 Hans Christian Oersted
112213 Timothy Berners- Lee

6. Select the name of two electric appliances where the heating effect of the electric current is used?

112214 Boiler,Room heater
112215 Electric Iron, Trimmer
112216 Room Bell, Microwave
112217 Fan, Electric bulb

7. Why nichrome wire is used as the heating element?

112218 Because it has high conductivity
112219 Because it has low melting point
112220 Because it has high specific resistance
112221 Because it has low specific resistance

8. Which unit is used to measure electric resistance?

112222 Volt
112223 Ohm
112224 Joule
112225 Ampere

9. If an electric circuit from the positive terminal of the battery to the negative terminal of the battery is complete, then the circuit is?

112226 Open
112227 Closed
112228 Disconnected
112229 Connected

10. If electric current flows through a conductor, the conductor becomes ....

112230 Cold
112231 liquid
112232 Vapor
112233 Hot

11. Which of these materials is a good conductor of electric current?

112234 Rubber
112235 Plastic
112236 Cooper
112237 Wood

12. Which device is used in electric current for circuit flow starts and stops?

112238 Switch
112239 Wire
112240 Battery
112241 All of above

13. Which of these materials is used for an insulator?

112242 Cooper
112243 Rubber
112244 Wood
112245 None of these

14. What's called, when a steady flow of electricity?

112246 A light
112247 A Switch
112248 A current
112249 A Battery

15. Which types of charge does an electron have?

112250 Neutral
112251 Positive
112252 Negative
112253 None of these

16. Who invented the electric bulb?

112254 James Watson
112255 Noam Chomsky
112256 Jane Goodall
112257 Thomas Edison
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