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Does Toy Chica Like You Quiz (Guys Only)

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Questions & Options

1. How good are you at sneaking?

157331 I don’t like it
157332 Sometimes
157333 If I want
157334 Yes, I am brilliant

2. Do you like to go outside your home?

157335 I can’t be at home
157336 Who doesn’t
157337 I like my bed
157338 I don’t like people

3. Do you like Robots?

157339 I fear them
157340 No
157341 Yes
157342 Maybe

4. Do you like the color yellow?

157343 Never thought about it
157344 Yes, a lot
157345 Not at all
157346 Maybe

5. Do you like blue eyes?

157347 I like brown eyes
157348 Not at all
157349 Not that good
157350 They are beautiful

6. Do you like purple eyelids?

157351 Depends on the person
157352 No, they are hideous
157353 Yes, they are beautiful
157354 I don’t care

7. How often do you go to parties?

157355 I don’t like parties
157356 Sometimes
157357 Once a month
157358 Daily

8. Do you consider someone with a beak as beautiful?

157359 Yes, they are beautiful
157360 I don’t care
157361 Nope not at all
157362 Maybe

9. How often do you play with toys?

157363 Once a week
157364 Not at all
157365 Sometimes
157366 Depends on my mood

10. How often do you sing?

157367 Once a year
157368 Daily in my bathroom
157369 I don’t like singing
157370 I don’t like my voice
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