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Quiz: Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me?

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Curious whether or not your ex still has feelings for you. If it is so, then it’s a great opportunity to find your answers. Take this Does My Ex Still Have Feelings For Me Quiz and get to know about your ex feels about you and your personality. Here we have designed 10 super fantastic questions that will help you to chase the result within a few minutes.

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1. How long have you been broken up?

40583 2 months ago
40584 4 months ago
40585 1 month ago
40586 8 months +

2. When was the last time you see your ex?

40587 2 weeks before
40588 4 months ago
40589 6 months ago
40590 Never

3. Why did you break up?

40591 He/she cheated on me
40592 Mutual decision
40593 Things not go well
40594 None of the above

4. Do you try to talk to your ex?

40595 Not really
40596 Never
40597 Yes
40598 Sometimes

5. Describe your ex looks?

40599 Very attractive
40600 Bold
40601 Fearless
40602 Smart

6. How does he/she look after a breakup?

40603 Happy
40604 Sad
40605 Blooming
40606 Don’t know

7. Do you wanna talk to your ex again?

40607 No
40608 Not really
40609 Yes
40610 Don’t know

8. Are you single or committed now?

40611 Single
40612 Committed
40613 I like someone else
40614 None of the above

9. Do you still feel for him/her?

40615 No
40616 Yes
40617 Sometimes
40618 I wish

10. What is the thing she/he missing about you?

40619 Presence
40620 Kisses
40621 Hugs
40622 All of them
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