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Do I Need Marriage Counseling Quiz

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Marriage is an important part of human life and it is a very big decision. Marriage is not just tying the knot it is a commitment of one person to another person. If a person has a good partner then his/her marriage is happy marriage but if your partner doesn't understand you then your marriage is not in good condition because it becomes the reason of many marital issues. In that condition, you need someone who gives good advice to keep your marriage happy. You get good advice from your close one or any marriage counselor. Take this quiz and know you need any marriage counseling or not.

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1. Do you like a good conversation with your partner?

5104 Not really
5105 Yes, a lot
5106 Not at all
5107 Sometimes

2. Which one is the most common topic of conversation with your partner?

5108 Money
5109 Celebrities
5110 The news
5111 Nothing

3. Who becomes angry easily?

5112 You
5113 Your spouse
5114 You both do
5115 You don’t know

4. Who is richer in your relationship?

5116 You
5117 Your Partner
5118 You both have money
5119 None of you have money like that

5. According to you how many kids is good for a family?

5120 None
5121 1 kid
5122 2 kids
5123 More than 2 kids

6. Which one is the main reason for your fight with your partner?

5124 Money
5125 The kids
5126 Your siblings
5127 Nothing

7. Do you feel good with your partner?

5128 Yes
5129 Not Really
5130 Sometimes you are
5131 Not at all

8. According to you which thing you need to improve?

5132 Your communication skills
5133 Your intimacy
5134 Your relationship with money
5135 Your trust issues
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