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Check Your Knowledge About Osmoregulation! How Much You Know About Osmoregulation Quiz

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Osmoregulation is the regulation of water and salt content of the body. There are two extreme patterns of responses of an organism to the osmotic condition of the environment. Animals that are osmotically labile change the osmolarity of body fluids according to the osmolarity of the surrounding medium. They are called osmoconformers or Poikilosmotics. Animals that are osmotically stable maintain an internal osmolarity different from the surrounding medium. They are called osmoregulator. So take the Osmoregulation quiz and increase your knowledge about osmoregulation.

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1. Which one of the following is the only osmoconformer in vertebrates?

41915 Rana
41916 Protopterus
41917 Hagfish
41918 Petromyzon

2. The organism which maintains their internal osmolarity different from surrounding mediums are......

41919 Osmoconformers
41920 Osmoregulators
41921 Osmotons
41922 Heteroconformers

3. What is the osmolarity of human blood?

41923 100 mosm/lt.
41924 1000 mosm/lt.
41925 300 mosm/lt.
41926 50 mosm/lt.

4. What is the basic purpose of scales over the body of fish?

41927 Prevent the loss of water
41928 Protect the body from enemies
41929 To give proper shape to the body
41930 All of the above

5. Urine in the insect is.......

41931 Hyposmotic
41932 Dilute
41933 Hyperosmotic
41934 None of the above

6. The organisms highly intolerant to dilution of the external medium are.........

41935 Euryhaline
41936 Halohaline
41937 Pseudohaline
41938 Stenohaline

7. Hypotonic organisms are in constant danger of......

41939 Hydration
41940 Dehydration
41941 Osmoregulation
41942 Rehydration

8. Protozoans eliminate the excess of water by.......

41943 Food vacuole
41944 Gas vacuole
41945 Tactile vacuole
41946 Contractile vacuole

9. Gills in Marine Bony fish preferably eliminate......

41947 Monovalent ions
41948 Trivalent ions
41949 Divalent ions
41950 Tetravalent ions

10. When marine Lampreys enter freshwater this stops drinking but if a return to brackish water, they......

41951 Drink water
41952 Extraction of Na+ and Cl- get activated
41953 Both of these
41954 None of these

11. In the freshwater fishes, the gill membrane has a special cell to import ions from the surrounding water......

41955 Ionocytes
41956 Chloride cells
41957 Both of these
41958 None of these

12. Insensible loss of water occurs through......

41959 Perspiration
41960 Urine elimination
41961 In defaecation
41962 Evaporation from respiratory surface
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