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Check Your Knowledge About Kingdom Animalia Subkingdom Parazoa Phylum Porifera Trivia Quiz

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Porifera is a multicellular organism that has a cellular level of organization. They are sedentary and sessile and found attached to the rocks. Mostly found in marine water except for Spongilla, Spongilla lives in freshwater. They show asymmetry except for Leucosolenia and Scypha. They are Dipploblastic that is whose body wall consists of the dermal layer and gastral layer. In between these two layers is a noncellular mesohyl layer. In sponges calcareous or siliceous spicules or sponge fibers present. The body of the sponge is perforated by numerous pores called Ostia and a single large opening osculum. The canal system helps the sponge in nutrition, respiration, excretion, and reproduction. There are three types of canal systems is present in Porifera first one is Ascon, the second is Sycon and the last one is Leucon. So, take this quiz and increase your knowledge about kingdom Animalia, sub-kingdom Parazoa, phylum Porifera.

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1. In porifers, the middle layer of the body wall is ....

34391 Mesoderm
34392 Mesentery
34393 Mesoglea
34394 Mesenchyme

2. Sponges capture food by ...

34395 Choanococytes
34396 Thesocytes
34397 Pinacocytes
34398 Trophocytes

3. What is the mode of digestion in sponges?

34399 Intercellualar
34400 Intracellular
34401 Both of them
34402 None of them

4. Choanocytes are found in ......

34403 Hydra
34404 Ascaris
34405 Sycon
34406 Taenia

5. Which one is the collar cell?

34407 Silicoblast
34408 Scleroblast
34409 Choanocyte
34410 Chromocyte

6. Sponges are ...,

34411 Pelagic
34412 Plankton
34413 Nekton
34414 Sessile

7. What is the base of the classification of Porifera?

34415 Number of ostia
34416 Skeleton
34417 Flagella
34418 Locomotory organ

8. Which one is a freshwater sponge?

34419 Euplectella
34420 Chalina
34421 Cliona
34422 Spongilla

9. What is the aquiferous system in sponges?

34423 Canal system
34424 Digestive system
34425 Respiratory system
34426 Reproductive system

10. The body of the sponge is mainly composed of ....

34427 Spongin fibres
34428 Mesoglea
34429 Nematoblasts
34430 Spicules
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