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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Hydropower Energy!

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Questions & Options

1. Which one is not the disadvantage of hydropower?

36587 Expensive
36588 Renewable energy
36589 Droughts
36590 Limited Reservoirs

2. Which one force is used to generate hydroelectricity?

36591 Kinetic force
36592 Locomotive force
36593 Driving force
36594 All of above

3. Which country produces the most hydroelectric power?

36595 United States
36596 Russia
36597 India
36598 China

4. What is the rank of the United State generating hydroelectric power?

36599 1st place
36600 2nd place
36601 3rd place
36602 4th place

5. Which one country firstly developed generating hydroelectricity?

36603 China
36604 Norway
36605 United States
36606 Russia

6. Which is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world?

36607 Three Gorges Dam
36608 Bhakhada Nangal Dam
36609 Itaipu Dam
36610 Tirupati Dam

7. In a hydropower plant, water flows through a pipe called a _______.

36611 Generator
36612 Turbine
36613 Penstock
36614 Duct

8. Which type of hydropower plant does not use a dam?

36615 Pumped storage system
36616 Run-of-the-river system
36617 Storage system
36618 All of above

9. Which type of hydropower plant uses extra electricity at night to move used water back into the reservoir?

36619 Storage system
36620 Run-of-the-river system
36621 Pumped storage system
36622 No anyone of above

10. Which of the following is a drawback to building hydropower dams?

36623 Loss of land
36624 Damage to the local ecosystem
36625 Methane gas emissions
36626 All of above

11. Where does hydropower get its energy from?

36627 Moving water sources like rivers
36628 From the burning of coal
36629 The rays of the Sun
36630 The internal heat of the Earth

12. Which is another advantage of building a dam besides producing electricity?

36631 It creates a recreational lake
36632 This can be used fresh water source
36633 It can help to control flooding
36634 All of the above
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