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Quiz: Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?

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Questions & Options

1. What is the thumb rule of saving for a relaxed retirement?

105812 10% of gross salary
105813 20% of the gross salary
105814 15% of gross salary
105815 25% of gross salary

2. What do you find challenging to your retirement savings?

105816 Pensions becoming uncommon
105817 Market volatility
105818 Puzzling investment options
105819 Others

3. Will the U.S. Social Security benefits be enough to live comfortably for you after retirement?

105820 Yes
105821 No
105822 Not sure/ Can’t say
105823 May be

4. What assets do have?

105824 Immovable properties
105825 Saving bonds
105826 Jewelry
105827 All of the above

5. If you plan to retire at the age of 65, your saving should be equal to-

105828 2-4 times of your net salary
105829 5-7 times of your net salary
105830 8-10 times of your net salary
105831 More than 15 times of your net salary

6. How much are you contributing to your 401(k), or 403(b), or 457(b)?

105832 $8000-$10000
105833 Less than $8000
105834 $11000-$18000
105835 $20000 and more

7. If you think that saving is not enough after a few years of your retirement, what are you going to do?

105836 Review your asset allocation
105837 Consider working a few more years
105838 What can I do now?
105839 No idea

8. Which is the other income source next to social security during old age?

105844 I have one annuity
105845 I have a government pension plan
105846 I have an IRA, 401(k) or 403(b)
105847 Other undefined income sources

9. Do you want to change the annual savings, as you approach the retirement age?

105856 No, it is enough
105857 I want to add little more to my retirement saving
105858 I want to reduce savings
105859 I want to add more funds

10. What is the perfect age to retire for you?

105868 65
105869 50
105870 70
105871 60
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