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Quiz: How Financially Responsible Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. From where do you arrange your lunch?

105892 I carry it from home
105893 I get it delivered from a restaurant
105894 Sometimes from home & sometimes from restaurant
105895 My lunch depends on what other members of the group are doing

2. What is your monthly credit card bill?

105896 It is massive
105897 It equal to the limit of the card
105898 It is a tad more than the minimum limit
105899 I rarely use a credit card

3. Have you checked your credit score in the last 6 months?

105900 Yes
105901 Credit Score? No idea!
105902 I check it once every year
105903 I checked it once upon a time

4. What is your credit score?

105904 600-700
105905 700+
105906 300-499
105907 501-599

5. Have you kept an emergency fund for unforeseen circumstances?

105908 Sort of
105909 No
105910 Not yet. Should I?
105911 Hmm

6. Have you planned retirement savings?

105912 Oh no, it’s too early
105913 Yes, start off small
105914 I have enough in my bank
105915 I have some money

7. Do you know how much funds do you allocate to food every month?

105916 I make a budget for every month
105917 I have a brief idea
105918 Not really
105919 Too much

8. Do you think things should have been better if you had more money?

105920 Strongly agree
105921 Strongly disagree
105922 Agree to a little
105923 Disagree a little

9. How often do you have a meal in hotels?

105924 Once in a week
105925 Almost daily
105926 Not fixed, only for birthday parties
105927 Never, home cook food is healthy

10. How much salary do you save per month?

105928 10%
105929 20%
105930 0
105931 5%
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