Quiz: Are You A Financial Grownup?

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When you start growing up, you realize there is a world out of books as well which is your real exam. Growing financially well is a dream for each and every person irrespective of caste, religion, and status too. A financially grown-up person is the first sign of intelligence that tells about your status and your way of dealing. You might have wondered are you really strengthened to have a good financial status? You might be are to know Are You A Financial Grownup? Try out this quiz and get your answers!!

Questions Excerpt

1. Have you ever got a compliment of being intellectual?

A. Rarely

B. Often

C. Very often

D. Somewhat

2. Do you take financial advice from your family and friends?

A. Somewhat

B. Rarely

C. Very Often

D. Often

3. Do you think about the future a lot?

A. Often

B. Somewhat

C. Very Often

D. Rarely

4. Define net worth?

A. Assets

B. Liabilities

C. Assets+Liabilities

D. Assets-Liabilities

5. Do you think you are self-sufficient?

A. Never

B. Somewhat

C. Yes

D. Not sure

6. What is your main focus?

A. Increasing assets

B. Decreasing liabilities

C. Balancing both

D. I generally get to the current situation

7. According to you, which bank pays the highest interest rate?

A. Savings account

B. Six month CD account

C. Three year CD account


8. Where do you like to invest?

A. Dividends

B. Mutual funds

C. Shares

D. Everything

9. Why would you like to invest?

A. Long term investments

B. Higher returns

C. Balancing financial restoration

D. Emergency requirements

10. How are you in terms of risk?

A. Risk averse

B. Risk neutral

C. Risk taker

D. I can be anything depending upon situation

11. What do you think is most important while using a credit card?

A. Line of credit

B. Annual fees

C. Annual interest rate

D. All of these

12. Which type of loan according to you is tax-deductible?

A. Home equity loan

B. Adjustable rate mortage

C. Personal vehicle loan

D. Student loan


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