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Quiz: Are You A Financial Grownup?

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When you start growing up, you realize there is a world out of books as well which is your real exam. Growing financially well is a dream for each and every person irrespective of caste, religion, and status too. A financially grown-up person is the first sign of intelligence that tells about your status and your way of dealing. You might have wondered are you really strengthened to have a good financial status? You might be are to know Are You A Financial Grownup? Try out this quiz and get your answers!!

Let’s start the quiz

1. Have you ever got a compliment of being intellectual?

99239 Rarely
99240 Often
99241 Very often
99242 Somewhat

2. Do you take financial advice from your family and friends?

99243 Somewhat
99244 Rarely
99245 Very Often
99246 Often

3. Do you think about the future a lot?

99247 Often
99248 Somewhat
99249 Very Often
99250 Rarely

4. Define net worth?

99251 Assets
99252 Liabilities
99253 Assets+Liabilities
99254 Assets-Liabilities

5. Do you think you are self-sufficient?

99255 Never
99256 Somewhat
99257 Yes
99258 Not sure

6. What is your main focus?

99259 Increasing assets
99260 Decreasing liabilities
99261 Balancing both
99262 I generally get to the current situation

7. According to you, which bank pays the highest interest rate?

99263 Savings account
99264 Six month CD account
99265 Three year CD account
99266 FD

8. Where do you like to invest?

99267 Dividends
99268 Mutual funds
99270 Everything

9. Why would you like to invest?

99271 Long term investments
99272 Higher returns
99273 Balancing financial restoration
99274 Emergency requirements

10. How are you in terms of risk?

99275 Risk averse
99276 Risk neutral
99277 Risk taker
99278 I can be anything depending upon situation

11. What do you think is most important while using a credit card?

99279 Line of credit
99280 Annual fees
99281 Annual interest rate
99282 All of these

12. Which type of loan according to you is tax-deductible?

99283 Home equity loan
99284 Adjustable rate mortage
99285 Personal vehicle loan
99286 Student loan
Let’s start the quiz

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