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Are You Happy in Your Marriage Quiz

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Hey, how happy are you with your marriage? I think, this is a difficult question for the answers but you have to decide about yourself, how happy are you with your partner? Sometimes we are not able to decide about our marriage & about our partner. And if you are not happy with your partner then this is very bad for your future, so try to know about your happiness. Let's take this quiz & know more about your happy life. (Dear quiz taker, this is a fun quiz, do not take seriously.)

Let’s start the quiz

1. How long have you been married life?

43837 For many years
43838 For several weeks
43839 For several months
43840 For a few days

2. Do you fight a lot lately with each other?

43841 Yes, sometimes
43842 Not at all
43843 Not really
43844 No comments

3. Has the marriage changed your life according to your partner?

43845 Yes, we can say that
43846 Not really
43847 Not at all
43848 Sometime, I feel like this

4. Are you feeling happy compared to single?

43849 Yes, definitely I am happy better than earlier
43850 Sometimes you are, sometimes you aren’t
43851 No, I think no
43852 You’ve never really thought about it

5. Do you feel any problem being married life?

43853 Yes, a lot of regrets but we can manage
43854 Sometimes you do but this is not a big deal
43855 No, I think no
43856 No comment

6. Do you & your partner feel to go marriage counseling?

43857 Yes, off course
43858 I think no
43859 You’ve asked for an appointment
43860 Not yet

7. Do you feel a problem with your partner?

43861 Yes feel, Sometimes
43862 No, I do not feel like this
43863 Yes but not much
43864 Not really

8. Do you enjoy the married life with full of happiness?

43865 Yes, I feel this
43866 Just a little bit
43867 You like it a lot
43868 No comment

9. Have you discussed your future planning with your partner?

43869 Yes, we are doing
43870 We are doing sometimes
43871 Not really
43872 No, you are both are very different

10. Have you shared your problem with each other?

43873 Yes, but not much
43874 Not anymore
43875 We have some things common
43876 You never really had much in common
Let’s start the quiz

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