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Are You an Ambivert, Extrovert or Introvert Quiz

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Every person has a different personality trait because everyone is unique. Some are extroverts, some are introverts and some are an ambivert. The extrovert is a personality trait in which person like making lots of friends, become a social person and adventure in his/her life. An introvert person is those who like to spend time alone or with their close person only. Ambivert is the mixed personality of extrovert and introvert. Ambivert person some time behave as extrovert and sometimes as an introvert.

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1. How many best friends you have?

1284 Only one
1285 Two
1286 More than two
1287 More than 5

2. Do you like attending parties?

1292 Yes
1293 No
1294 Sometimes
1295 Not at all

3. In your best friend’s party, lots of members are present then what you do?

1300 Interact with them
1301 Stand in a corner
1302 Try to talk only know people
1303 Busy with self

4. In which way you celebrate your birthday?

1308 Give party to your friends
1309 Going for trip with your friends
1310 Do nothing and stay home
1311 Self busy

5. Do you like it, when your relative come home?

1312 Yes
1313 No
1314 Sometimes
1315 I do not like to talk

6. Do you believe in making more friends?

1316 Yes
1317 No
1318 Sometimes
1319 Always

7. In a year how many books you read?

1320 0 to 2
1321 0 to 5
1322 More than 5
1323 No one

8. What is your favorite color?

1324 Red
1325 White
1326 Black
1327 Other
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