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Are You A Smart Shopper Quiz

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Who doesn't likes to go shopping? Well, it is one of the craziest passions among people! Where will you get the best sales and best deals? Where can you use the coupons best? Where can you find your desired item or outfit? Where can your budget fir completely? A smart shopper is one who knows answers to all these questions. If you really think that you are a smart shopper, you must check out the quiz and see if you really are or you need to get better. Let us evaluate your performance now!

Let’s start the quiz

1. How often do you go shopping?

83581 1-2 months
83582 Once in every 2-3 months
83583 Once
83584 Never

2. If your friend in a mall suggests you a really expensive top, will you splurge on it?

83585 No! Would not even look at it
83586 If I'll need it I'll see
83587 Mark it as important and try some other place
83588 See if it fits my budget, and might take it

3. If you get a coupon for sale, will you use it?

83589 Yes, will use it effeciently
83590 No, I might use it depending on need
83591 Will give the coupon to someone else
83592 Won't even look at it

4. Do you buy things unreasonably?

83593 I don't even go shopping
83594 Well, I need to take advice
83595 Will see what item I get
83596 If things fits my budget, I would love to have a glimpse of it

5. If you find your favorite brand's jeans at an expensive rate?

83597 Would quarrel about price
83598 I will try not to buy or mark it for last if it fits my budget
83599 Reject it even if you need
83600 I don't even care about brands

6. Do you spend money on things?

83601 Sometimes, but not always
83602 Once in a while
83603 If it's neeedful
83604 Why waste at all?

7. Will you buy something that you wear just once?

83605 Maybe once
83606 I'll try to think about it's disadvantages
83607 No, I don't need to
83608 Why splurge ever?

8. If some relative gives you some rupees, will you go for shopping?

83609 Definitely, but in limit
83610 Might be will think about it
83611 If I think
83612 Why waste money?

9. What would you say about your shopping style?

83613 Fabulous with open mind
83614 Fun with some precautions
83615 Rude
83616 Strict

10. Do you prefer online or offline shopping?

83617 Both where I get better deals
83618 Not much preferred both
83619 What's in need
83620 Nothing
Let’s start the quiz

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