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Am I Going To Be A Successful Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. What does a majority of your celebrities do whom you follow?

157965 Actors
157966 Singers
157967 Entrepreneurs
157968 Entertainers anyway

2. What is the definition of success for you?

157969 A lot of money
157970 Name and fame
157971 Money and satisfaction
157972 Growth with happiness

3. Which one of the following is your bad habit?

157973 I love materialistic things
157974 I fall in love too fast
157975 I get angry/anxious too early
157976 I get jealous quite often

4. Which is the thing you love the most?

157977 My family
157978 My friends
157979 Friends and family
157980 My partner

5. Where would you prefer living when you are successful?

157981 In a farmhouse
157982 In a big city
157983 Somewhere outskirt
157984 Anywhere with my family

6. What type of content do you consume the most?

157985 Long podcasts
157986 Short podcasts
157987 Books
157988 Short videos

7. What kind of perspective do you have towards money?

157989 Money doesn’t matter
157990 Money can be used to change the world
157991 Money should only be limited
157992 I want a lot of money for me and my family

8. What is the true reason you want to be successful?

157993 I want to bring a change
157994 I want to work in my dream company
157995 I want to live a better life
157996 I don’t have an appropriate answer

9. Which one of the habits do you think you have?

157997 I am hardworking
157998 I have self-control
157999 I am more mature than my age group of people
158000 All of the above

10. Whom do you follow?

158001 Gary V
158002 Elon Musk
158003 Gaur Gopal Das
158004 None of the above
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