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Chemical Composition of Eukaryotic Chromosomes Trivia Quiz
49 Played 18-Dec-2019
The chemical composition of the Eukaryotic chromosome is double-strand DNA is 40%, RNA is 1.5% and historic protein is 50%. It is positively charged, a basic pr...

Cytoplasmic Inheritance and Maternal Inheritance Trivia Quiz
100 Played 18-Dec-2019
In prokaryotes, in addition to nucleoid, some of the genes are carried by classmates example jin of sexuality/ fertility, the gene of antibiotic resistance, and...

Giant Chromosomes Trivia Quiz
61 Played 18-Dec-2019
Giant chromosomes are large-sized chromosome which increases the size of the nucleus and cell. These cells have lost their dividing ability and ultimately die. ...

Physical Structure of Eukaryotic Chromosomes Trivia Quiz
42 Played 17-Dec-2019
Each chromosome consists of two chromatids attached to the centromere. It is a nonsustainable area covered by kinetochore. DNA enclosed in a chromosome is calle...