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Do You Know About Herd Immunity Theory Against COVID 19 Quiz
52 Played 21-Mar-2020
Talking about the 'Herd Immunity Theory' that Britain has allegedly included to fight the disease, Guleria said that although some countries are adopting the 'H...

Life History of Plasmodium Trivia Quiz
77 Played 23-Dec-2019
Plasmodium is a digenetic, malarial parasite. Its primary host is female Anopheles an intermediate host is a man. The life cycle of plasmodium in man is divisib...

Trivia Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Meiosis
75 Played 27-May-2020
Meiosis is also an indirect cell division and it occurs in germ cells as the seminiferous epithelium of testis in males and germinal epithelium of ovaries in fe...

Indirect Division of Cell Mitosis Trivia Quiz
60 Played 12-Dec-2019
The term indirect division is used for both mitoses envious as there is degeneration of nucleus, distribution of chromosomes and then again Reformation of nucle...