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Quiz: How Much You Know About World Food Day?

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Even today, millions of people in the world are victims of starvation. Whether it is developing countries or developed countries, the situation is more or less the same everywhere. Seeing the problem of food grains, the United Nations started celebrating World Food Day on 16 October which is still continuing. The United Nations established the "Food and Agriculture Organization" (FAO) in Rome on 16 October. The Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) had announced to celebrate World Food Day. The purpose of celebrating this day was to increase awareness among the people about the problem of hunger spread around the world and strengthen the struggle against hunger, malnutrition, and poverty. 'World Food Day' was started from 1980 to 16 October. Celebrated with different themes every year, the main objective of this event was to end hunger in the world. But even after so many years of the beginning of this program, even today, we have not been able to provide bread to the crores of people of the world two times. In such a situation, how to overcome the problem of hunger, the biggest question still remains. Test yourself about the World Food Day trivia test quiz.

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1. In which year did the United Nations establish a "Food and Agriculture Organization" (FAO) in Rome?

38119 In year 1979
38120 In year 1945
38121 In year 1980
38122 In year 1947

2. When did the Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announce to celebrate World Food Day?

38123 In 1975
38124 In 1945
38125 In 1969
38126 In 1979

3. Where is the headquarters of the Food and Agriculture Organization?

38127 Geneva, Switzerland
38128 Florida, America
38129 Rome, Italy
38130 Tokyo, Japan

4. Who is the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organisation?

38131 Jose Graziano da Silva
38132 David Beasley
38133 Qu Dongyu
38134 Antonio Guterres

5. The First Session of the FAO Conference was held in the ____________ City.

38135 Roma
38136 Florida
38137 New York
38138 Chateau Frontenac

6. How much total {FAO} Budget planned for 2018–2019?

38139 1,005.6 million $
38140 1,005.6 million ₹
38141 1,005.6 million ¥
38142 1,005.6 million €

7. Who is the first director-general of FOS, which is established on 16 October 1945?

38143 Norris E. Dodd
38144 John Boyd Orr
38145 Philip V. Cardon
38146 Herbert Broadley

8. In September of 1945, the journal ________________ published a series of articles about FAO.

38147 Edward M. West
38148 Society
38149 Ann Tutwiler
38150 Dan Gustafson

9. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported that what percent of American households remain food insecure?

38151 12.3 percent
38152 12.5 percent
38153 21.3 percent
38154 20.3 percent

10. How many people die from hunger or hunger-related diseases every year?

38155 Around 08 million people
38156 Around 09 million people
38157 Around 05 million people
38158 Around 10 million people

11. How many people lose their lives every day as a result of hunger?

38159 55,000 people
38160 45,000 people
38161 35,000 people
38162 25,000 people

12. Nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world each year, which is roughly one death every____________ seconds.

38163 Every 60 seconds
38164 Every 55 seconds
38165 Every 40 seconds
38166 Every 30 seconds
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