Why Does Nobody Want To Date Me Quiz

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Have you had a tough time to find a date when all your friends have someone special in their life? It is depressing when you think too long. One of the several reasons is they chose not to think and act around as we want. Have you ever wondered why is the wait too long for you? Well, answer the questions honestly, maybe you will get to know why does nobody want to date you.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you have a crush on someone?

A. No

B. Maybe

C. Yeah

D. No, I have some guy friends

2. How do you act when you are with your crush?

A. Flirt with them

B. Do the thing that catches their attention

C. Jokes and laughs

D. Stare them & make brief talk

3. How many times did you fell in love?

A. Only once

B. Twice

C. A lot

D. Never

4. Which of the following song would you sing for your crush?

A. Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland

B. Into You by Ariana Grande

C. “Let's Stay Together” by Al Green

D. “Who’s laughing now” by Ava Max

5. According to you, why didn’t you have a date yet?

A. I did not find the right person

B. They don’t like talking to me

C. No time to date

D. He/She might not know I like him/her

6. You are:

A. Sweet & sensitive

B. Cute & intelligent

C. Hot

D. Dreamy and loving

7. How will you like to spend the last two weeks of your life?

A. Being with my family most of the time

B. Cry unstoppably

C. Do nothing

D. Do everything, complete my desires in right or wrong

8. What is your most shameful admission?

A. My emotional outbreak

B. My over possessiveness

C. I have never kissed a boy/girl before

D. Nothing in my life that made me ashamed

9. Situations often make you:

A. Insecure

B. Confident & independent

C. I am too busy

D. Selective

10. What do you prefer to read?

A. I do not like reading

B. I am a nerd, reading my academic books mostly

C. I read a romantic novel

D. I read current affair magazine

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