Who is Your Henry Danger Boyfriend? Quiz For Girls Only

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Henry Danger is a personality who is loving, caring, and childish. He is very ambitious, charming, and also naive. He does not prefer or allow one to keep secrets from him. He is also known as the superhero sidekick Kid Danger, who kicks Kid Danger. Henry fights crime in his town, which is Swellview. Henry in real life is Jace Lee Norman who was born on 21 March 2000 and is also an American actor. He starred as Henry in the Nickelodeon television series Henry Danger from 2014 to 2020. Henry had a crush on Phoebe the moment he saw her, and also managed to convince Ray to let Phoebe come on the mission with them instead of Charlotte in Crossover Danger & Thunder.

Questions Excerpt

1. What will you do if you find someone attractive of the opposite gender?

A. Flirt with the person

B. Yell out loud that you like the person

C. Try to make a move

D. Keep it secret

2. Who is your favorite character among the following?

A. Jasper

B. Henry

C. Piper

D. Charlotte

3. What will you do if your exam is scheduled for the next day?

A. Try to study more and more

B. Relax and watch Netflix

C. Eat some sweets for anxiety

D. Take healthy nap

4. What would you do if someone accidentally knocked on your phone?

A. Get irritated and yell loud

B. Won't react at all

C. Will hold a grudge

D. Will ask for replacement

5. How frequently do you need support or help from someone?

A. Almost always

B. Once in a while

C. When it's about physical strength

D. Never

6. What type of place do you prefer to go for vacations?

A. Hills

B. Beach

C. Plains

D. Out of Country

7. According to you what is an ideal Sunday?

A. To chill

B. Going out with friends

C. Study

D. Stalk on social media

8. What is your favorite candy?

A. Jellybean

B. Gummy Bears

C. Starburst

D. Bubblegum

9. What type of hair would you prefer among the following?

A. Blond

B. Light Brown

C. Curly and short

D. Long black curly hairs

10. Do you like to watch the Henry Danger TV Show?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes when bored

C. Never

D. Don't know any such show

11. What do you prefer to collect mostly?

A. Coins

B. Stamps

C. Pictures

D. Nothing

12. Why do you like keeping up with the Kardashians?

A. It's Funny

B. People are pretty on show

C. It is different from other show

D. Don't like at all

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