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Quiz: Which TWICE Song Matches Your Personality Perfectly?

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Do you also think that music is the best therapy? Do you also like to listen to music to refresh your mood or lower your stress? Are you also a die-hard music lover? If yes, then you must be aware of the highest-selling K Pop Girls group, TWICE? You might be aware of all the songs sung by them? Have you ever thought about what if any song signifies your personality? Does any of their song is the best suit for your personality? If you are confused about which song will suit your personality, then put an end to your confusion! For TWICE lovers, we present to you a very interesting quiz.

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1. What is your personality?

109600 Generous
109601 Smart
109602 Intelligent
109603 Adventurous

2. Where would you like to go for your next vacation?

109604 New York
109605 Tokyo
109606 Seoul
109607 Singapore

3. Pick your trip partners?

109608 Family
109609 Close Friends
109610 Pet
109611 Partner

4. Where will you be staying?

109612 Hotel
109613 Cruise Ship
109614 Resort
109615 Campsite

5. Choose the activity you will do at your favorite place?

109616 Shopping
109617 Sightseeing
109618 Swimming
109619 Eating

6. For how long you are going to stay at your favorite place?

109620 5 days
109621 1 week
109622 3 days
109623 1 month

7. Choose your favorite song?

109624 Forever Young
109625 DNA
109626 Miroh
109627 Really Bad Boy

8. What do you prefer?

109628 Mountains
109629 Countryside
109630 Forests
109631 Beaches

9. What is most important for you?

109632 Music
109633 Sleep
109634 Food
109635 Family

10. What annoys you a lot?

109636 Being ignored
109637 Being lied to
109638 Being used
109639 All of the above

11. Choose your favorite genre of movies?

109640 Horror
109641 Action
109642 Romance
109643 Comedy

12. Do you like to try unique things?

109644 Rarely
109645 Somewhat
109646 Often
109647 Very often
Let’s start the quiz

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