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Quiz: Which Star Vs The Forces of Evil Character Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. What is your personality?

114876 Generous
114877 Smart
114878 Nebulious
114879 Adventurous

2. What is your favorite color?

114880 Purple
114881 Yellow
114882 Black
114883 White

3. Which aisle will you prefer first to head for?

114884 Pets
114885 Food Court
114886 Make Up
114887 Books

4. What will you do if guardian sphinx won't let you go without solving the riddle?

114888 Confront him
114889 Argue with him
114890 Go somewhere else to chill
114891 Spend hours working on it

5. What will you order the most to eat?

114892 Pizza
114893 Goblin Dogs
114894 Sugary Food
114895 Surf and Turf

6. You just wanted a thing so badly but the other customer takes it before you, what will you do?

114896 You'll deal with them later
114897 Argue with them
114898 Leave and think it's cool!
114899 Challenge them

7. Which type of shoes do you prefer?

114900 Snake Sneakers
114901 Gladiator Boots
114902 Shiny Boots With Heels
114903 High Quality Athletic Shoes

8. What type of music do you love?

114904 K Pop music
114905 Thrash Metal music
114906 Low Tempo classical music
114907 Vapor Wave music

9. Which type of pet will you pick up at the pet store?

114908 Weirdest one
114909 Skeleton Horse
114910 Cutest one
114911 Quitest One

10. To chill out your mood what will you prefer to do?

114912 Go shopping
114913 Listen to music
114914 Sleep
114915 Rest in whichever aisle feels comfortable

11. What grabs your attention?

114916 Paintings
114917 Home Goods
114918 Dolls
114919 Self Help Books

12. What are you most likely to buy?

114920 New Skateboard
114921 Ancient Relic
114922 Giant Floating Eyeball
114923 A Happy Bunny
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