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Which Social Network is Best For You Quiz

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Social networks have always been a great platform for meeting new people, getting business as well as improvising the business. There are various social networking sites that a person uses for their enjoyment, work as well as sharing some interesting topics. For a different type of people, different personalities are there and so are their networking sites. Have you ever thought which site is actually suitable for you? You might be eager to know Which Social Network is Best For You? Try out this interesting quiz and get your answers!!

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1. Define your personality in one word?

96742 Generous
96743 Quirky
96744 Funny
96745 Smart

2. How long it has been since you are using social media?

96746 7 months
96747 Less than 7 months
96748 More than 7 months
96749 I don't remember, it's been long

3. What is your main purpose in using social media?

96750 Giving your opinion
96751 Meeting new people
96752 Chatting with close ones
96753 Expanding business

4. How much do you use social media in a day?

96754 Every hour
96755 5-6 hours
96756 10+ hours
96757 2-3 hours

5. What annoys you a lot on social media?

96758 Bad opinionated people
96759 Boring people
96760 Fake people
96761 Ignorant people

6. What is most important for you when it comes to social media?

96762 Content
96763 Show off
96764 Close friends
96765 All of these

7. Pick your favorite genre of social media?

96766 Fashion
96767 Friendship
96768 Educational
96769 Funny

8. What is your favorite genre of movies?

96770 Romance
96771 Education
96772 Horror
96773 Funny

9. Pick your favorite genre of music?

96774 Soulful
96775 Pop
96776 Rock
96777 Sufi

10. How often do you post on social media?

96778 Everyday
96779 Quite Often
96780 Somewhat
96781 I don't post

11. How do you feel after posting?

96782 Anxious
96783 Nervous
96784 Happy
96785 Whimsical

12. What are the thoughts in your mind while posting?

96786 How will people react?
96787 I hope I don't sound rude?
96788 Is it really nice?
96789 I don't really post
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