Quiz: Which Sam and Cat Character Are You?

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Sam and Cat is a 2013 comic show about two protagonists who come together after their grandmother moves to an old age home. They gradually discover the adventures that come in hand with a babysitting job that they start. It was a fun show that was loved by all age groups and it starred the now-famous singer and songwriter Ariana Grande! Ariana’s fans cannot stop watching her old clips even now after almost a decade. If you wish to know which Sam and Cat Character you are, answer the following questions related to your daily life.

Questions Excerpt

1. Which superpower would you like to have?

A. Flying

B. Teleportation

C. Speak with animals

D. Telekinesis

2. What is your favorite hobby?

A. Dancing

B. Reading

C. Singing

D. Sleeping

3. Which word would best describe you?

A. Emotional

B. Rude

C. Kind

D. Playful

4. What do you consider your biggest weakness?

A. Your anger

B. Getting insecure

C. Being lazy

D. Not being able to say no

5. Which among these is your favorite animal?

A. Cat

B. Dog

C. Lion

D. Elephant

6. What type of games do you play?

A. Battlegrounds

B. Puzzle

C. Escape games

D. Strategy games

7. Pick your favorite food item...

A. Pizza

B. Burger

C. Pasta

D. Chicken wings

8. What is your favorite color combination?

A. Black and yellow

B. Golden and white

C. Red and purple

D. Pink and blue

9. What is your age?

A. Less than 15 years old

B. 15 to 25 years old

C. 26 to 45 years old

D. More than 45 years old

10. What type of movies do you like?

A. Comedy

B. Crime

C. History

D. Action

11. Which singer is your favorite?

A. Del Deville

B. Rihanna

C. Taylor Swift

D. Justin Bieber

12. What would you like to receive on your birthday?

A. Makeup products

B. Cell phone

C. Clothes

D. Perfume

13. What is your strength?

A. Dedication

B. Courage

C. Creativity

D. Discipline

14. Which hair color would you prefer?

A. Blonde

B. Brunette

C. Black

D. Other

15. Do you enjoy babysitting?

A. I have never done that

B. Sometimes if I am bored

C. If I get paid enough

D. No, I hate kids

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