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Quiz: Which Overwatch Hero Are You?

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May I assume you are a gamer and loves action games then you might have enjoyed Overwatch as well? Blizzard’s multiplayer shooting game is an epic video game that turned out to be a passion for youth. The wonderful characters of the game make you feel like an Overwatch player inside. Try this quiz and discover which Overwatch hero are you.

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1. How would you celebrate your win in a battle?

133373 A sweetened indulgent sweet
133374 A savory dish
133375 A diet rich in proteins and vitamins
133376 My favorite Chicken dish

2. Which food would you have before a big battle?

133377 Coffee
133378 A protein-rich diet
133379 Lots of veggies
133380 Carbs

3. How often do you meet new people?

133381 I love meeting people
133382 My job requires meeting a large number of people
133383 I don’t like meeting people
133384 I meet people only when required

4. How did you obtain your current skill set?

133385 I was programmed
133386 As a result of experimentation
133387 Through hard work
133388 Internships in various corporations

5. Which word best describes your intention?

133389 Defense
133390 Offense
133391 Violence
133392 Support

6. Does the fear of enemies scare you before the big battle?

133393 Not at all
133394 A little
133395 Very much
133396 Somewhat

7. Which of the following would you use to manipulate on the battleground?

133397 A massive shield
133398 A sword
133399 A semi-automatic rifle
133400 A first-aid kit

8. What will be your next step when the enemy is getting away?

133401 Catch him
133402 Fire gunshots as many as you can
133403 Heal up and prepare for the next fight
133404 It’s a chance to escape

9. What is the most important part of the game?

133405 Getting kills
133406 Scoring goals
133407 Ensure no one dies
133408 Defending your teammates

10. How often do you hide your feelings?

133409 Yes, it is very difficult to read me
133410 I hide my feelings most of the time
133411 I reveal my feelings to those around me
133412 Don’t want to say
Let’s start the quiz

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