Quiz: Which One Of Two Kinds Of People Are You?

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One Of Two Kinds Of People is one who makes our life easier or one who makes our life hard and difficult. Sometimes the presence of a few people makes our life perform better whereas the presence of some people makes our life worse and more difficult for us. There are people who are concerned about doing things whereas some focus to get only credit for the work. People are of two types one that entertains and one that observes and stays silent. Groucho Marx once said, "World consists of two kinds of people, one who thinks people can be divided up into two types, and one who don't."One of two kinds of people is one who drinks and one who makes others drink, one who accomplishes things, and one who claims to have accomplished things, such people are categorized as good/bad/better/worst.

Questions Excerpt

1. Why you left your last job?

A. Better Opportunity

B. Contract role

C. Imbalance of personal and work life

D. Got Fired for protocol

2. What do you feel you were in a past life?

A. Royal Citizen

B. Animal

C. Criminal

D. Felt nothing like that

3. Where would you choose to meet up with your old friends?

A. Sports bar

B. Cafe

C. Host at my place

D. Cute, clean bar with tapas

4. How do you prefer to stay in touch with your parents?

A. Weekly calls

B. Daily Calls and video calls

C. Frequent texts

D. Hardly we do stay in connect

5. What would you prefer to listen to with your parents?

A. Beyonce

B. Monsters and Men

C. Eminem

D. Taylor Swift

6. What type of websites do you prefer most to use?

A. Reddit and message boards

B. Advice columns

C. Social media

D. Review sites and blogs

7. What do you feel about Public PDAs?

A. Hardly it bother me

B. Whatever floats boat

C. Love it without any reason

D. Don't know about it

8. What is the first thing you look for in your morning routine?

A. Coffee/Tea

B. Teeth Brushing

C. Cellphone

D. Jot down my dreams

9. What is your attitude toward life?

A. Depends over destiny

B. Consider as my duty to be best

C. Will take what I owe

D. In Pursuit of most satisfying experiences

10. How do you carry yourself when you are in a public place?

A. Lost in my imaginations

B. Try to get off the public place

C. Try to communicate with others through smile

D. Scan the atmosphere and people around

11. What is the goal of your life?

A. Get dream Job

B. Uprade level of games

C. Help everyone

D. Try not to set goal

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