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Quiz: Which Movie Franchise Are You Based On The Colors You Choose?

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Movies are one of the best spots for entertainment and a great thing to rely on when you need to stress out. There are several movies that we love whose franchise also becomes more amazing. The franchises are made because the first part of the movie is very amazing and is demanded by the audience. Have you thought your color preferences might tell your preference of the movie franchise? But which movie franchise is the best to suit you according to your color preferences? Which movie genre is best according to your preference and taste? You might be keen to know Which Movie Franchise Are You Based On The Colors You Choose? Then you must try the quiz and you will find your answers!

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1. Which dark color do you love?

91926 Black
91927 Dark Blue
91928 Dark Red
91929 Dark sky color at night

2. What is the light color you love?

91930 Light Blue
91931 Lime colour
91932 Light Pink
91933 Skin Color

3. Do you like patterns?

91934 Ofcourse Yes
91935 Definitely No
91936 Kinda
91937 Depends

4. What is your favorite color?

91938 Grey
91939 Red
91940 Black
91941 Any color

5. Choose green food:

91942 Brocolli
91943 Peas
91944 Avocados
91945 Lettuce

6. Which color combo you love?

91946 Black and grey
91947 Red and blue
91948 Only black
91949 Any combination

7. Which color of the sky do you love the most?

91950 Pinkish
91951 Yellowish
91952 Blue
91953 Black

8. Do you like colorful food?

91954 No simple
91955 Yesss
91956 Kinda
91957 Depends on food

9. Which color represents your current mood?

91958 Grey
91959 Blue
91960 Black
91961 Orange

10. Which coated door will you prefer?

91962 Magenta
91963 Lime
91964 Skin
91965 Voilet
Let’s start the quiz

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