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Which Kardashian Sister Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which of these is your favorite 1D member?

159852 Harry Styles
159853 Nial Horan
159854 Louis Tomlinson
159855 Liam Payne

2. Which of the things attracts you the most?

159856 Beauty and makeup
159857 Money
159858 Fame
159859 Boys

3. How much would you rate yourself when it comes to beauty?

159860 10/10
159861 8/10
159862 5/10
159863 2/10

4. How much do you want to earn in your 30’s?

159864 I want to be a billionaire
159865 I want to be a millionaire at least
159866 I want to earn a decent amount of money
159867 I have never attached money to my goals

5. Which of these statements do you find true?

159868 You can get better with some surgeries
159869 The beauty lies within you
159870 You look better with some makeup
159871 I don’t believe in artificial beauty that’s all

6. Which of these do you love the most?

159872 Singing
159873 Dancing
159874 Paintings
159875 Photography

7. What kind of dress do you think makes you look prettier?

159876 Traditional dresses
159877 Casual dresses
159878 Western dresses
159879 Sport outfit

8. What kind of music do you prefer more?

159880 R&B
159881 Hip-hop
159882 Pop
159883 EDM

9. Which of these is your negative trait?

159884 Egoistic
159885 Cunning
159886 Short-tempered
159887 None of the above

10. What type of person are you?

159888 Introvert
159889 Extrovert
159890 Ambivert
159891 Usually, an introvert but never miss the right opportunity to put up my words.
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