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Which FIFA Coach Are You Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. Which club do you like the most?

157411 Manchester city
157412 Real Madrid
157413 Chelsea
157414 Any other

2. What type of celebration do you prefer when your team wins?

157415 Dance
157416 Clap
157417 I don’t celebrate
157418 Sing

3. If a player comes to you and tells you that I am not feeling well enough to continue training what will you do?

157419 Ask him to do extra training
157420 Ask him to rest
157421 Scold him
157422 Ignore him

4. If one of your players is having a personal problem what will you do?

157423 Console him
157424 I don’t care
157425 Ignore it
157426 I haven’t thought about it

5. Will you invest in young talent or give veterans an opportunity?

157427 Of course young talent
157428 Veterans
157429 Both
157430 I am confused

6. Will you personally oversee the scouting process?

157431 Why have we hired the scouts then?
157432 I don’t know
157433 Sure
157434 I don’t have time for it

7. What will you invest club’s money?

157435 Bonus for players
157436 Scouting process
157437 Clubs facility
157438 Partying

8. Will you respect the personal opinion of the players?

157439 I don’t care about their opinion
157440 Maybe
157441 Depends on the player
157442 Sure

9. What type of game strategy will you promote?

157443 Aggressive
157444 Defensive
157445 Balanced
157446 I haven’t thought about it

10. What type of training schedule will you follow?

157447 Intense
157448 Light
157449 Balanced
157450 I will let the players decide
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