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Music has become an essential part of each and every person’s life. One or the other you look/meet or see, you’ll find everyone murmurs or music goes in their head. There you find a wide variety of music, they are Jazz, Rock, Country, Classical, Hip-Hop, Blues, Pop, Reggae, Rhythm and Blues, Metal, Indie rock, Soul, Folk, Electrical, Punk, Funk, Techno, Ambient, Gospel, Ska, House. The most popular ones which we usually hear are Jazz, Rock, Dance, Soul, Rhythm, Pop, and Indie rock. In today’s world, you can listen to music on various platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Russo, and many more. Your music selection and choices play an important role when one checks out your personality. The music also tells what kind of a person you are. They control your mood and mood swings. Famous singers in today’s world are Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Drake, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and many more. The first and the oldest surviving recording of the human voice is Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville. According to quora.com, the first musician was Arion, and the first singer was Michael Jackson. Let's know Which Famous Singer You Most Like?

Questions Excerpt

1. Which genre is your favorite?

A. Pop music

B. Rock music

C. Folk music

D. Dance music

2. Which foreign musical language?

A. American

B. Spanish

C. Canadian

D. Turkish

3. Who is your favorite animal?

A. Giraffe

B. Elephant

C. Lion

D. Koala

4. Who is your favorite singer amongst foreigners?

A. Rihanna

B. Ariana Grande

C. Enrique Inglesias

D. Shawn Mendes

5. Who is your favorite male singer?

A. Ed Sheeran

B. Drake

C. Enrique Iglesias

D. Usher

6. Which is your favorite food?

A. Cheeseburger

B. Cake

C. Strawberries

D. Meat

7. What is your zodiac sign?

A. Taurus

B. Aquarius

C. Leo

D. Cancer

8. How many kids do you have?

A. One kid

B. Two kids

C. Three kids

D. None, I’m a kid lol

9. If you would be given a chance to collab, who would it be?

A. Ariana Grande

B. Charlie Puth

C. Nicki Minaj

D. Michael Jackson

10. How would you express yourself?

A. Ambitious

B. Determined

C. Shy

D. Introvert

11. When do you listen to the music the most?

A. Library

B. Bedroom

C. While travelling

D. Bathroom

12. Which of the following are you allergic to?

A. Dog

B. Spider

C. Pepper

D. Almonds


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