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Quiz: Which Celebrity On Twitter Should Follow You?

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Are you a social media person? Do you like to scroll throughout the day even when you have work? If yes, then you must be following a lot of amazing celebrities on Twitter, one of the finest platforms. Has this thought ever crossed your mind what if any of the famous Twitter celebrity follows you? Obviously, that feeling of getting a follow back from a celebrity might make your day a bit better. By now you must have been curious to know which celebrity might follow you based on your personality and lifestyle! Try out this very intellect and fun quiz and pt an end to your curiousness!

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1. How often do you use Twitter?

111118 Often
111119 Rarely
111120 Somewhat
111121 Very Often

2. What type of content do you lookup for?

111126 Dance
111127 Music
111128 Opinions or Facts
111129 Fun

3. How often do you post on Twitter?

111142 Rarely
111143 Often
111144 Very Often
111145 Somewhat

4. Who is your favorite celebrity?

111146 Rihanna
111147 Barack Obama
111148 Justin Bieber
111149 Katy Perry

5. Who do you mostly follow?

111150 Solosists
111151 Group
111152 Both Equally
111153 Depends on content

6. Choose the most common genre of music you follow?

111154 Rock
111155 Pop
111156 Hip Hop
111157 R&B

7. What is your favorite thing on Twitter to do?

111158 Collecting Memes
111159 Trending Hashtags
111160 Reading Threads
111161 Interacting With People

8. Choose your favorite type of interaction?

111164 Replying
111165 Quoting Retweets

9. What do you like about your favorite celebrity?

111166 Sense of humor
111167 Fun Attitude
111168 Wisdom
111169 Warm Personality

10. Pick your favorite kind of humor?

111170 Sarcasm
111171 Dark Humor
111172 Wordplay
111173 Silly Humor

11. Do you use hashtags too often?

111174 Often
111175 Very Often
111176 Rarely
111177 Somewhat

12. How long have you been on Twitter?

111178 Less than a year
111179 1-3 years
111180 4-7 years
111181 More than 7 years
Let’s start the quiz

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