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What Should My College Major Be Quiz

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Questions & Options

1. In 15 years, I can see myself as a…

10744 Owner of the company
10745 Be a fashion designer
10746 Composing the soundtrack for a Hollywood movie
10747 Ensuring the local environment stays sustainable

2. You have to submit an assignment in 2 weeks. What will you do?

10748 You start immediately
10749 You complain for two weeks, then get an extension
10750 You make a very detailed plan and then totally space out for the entire two weeks
10751 You start and finish it the night before

3. What is your ultimate life goal?

10752 Spread joy every day
10753 Earn a huge amount of money
10754 Know everything
10755 Invent something better

4. In school life, your favorite class involves:

10756 Writing
10757 Reading
10758 Drawing
10759 Debating

5. At which place did you spend the most time during school days?

10760 The art or music room
10761 The library
10762 The computer lab
10763 None of the above

6. What qualities would you prefer in your colleagues?

10764 Rich and powerful
10765 An intellectual person who is into an interesting conversation
10766 Smart and intelligent at the same time
10767 A person who you could trust

7. What’s your biggest mantra about life?

10768 Dream. Explore. Discover
10769 Marry rich
10770 Every action has an equal and opposite reaction
10771 The early bird gets the worm

8. What’s your favorite subject?

10772 Biology
10773 Mathematics
10774 Chemistry
10775 Social Science

9. What’s your idea of a job?

10776 Solving math problems
10777 Creating something out of materials
10778 Keep a neat environment
10779 Know things about the human body

10. I work best when I work

10780 On problem-solving tasks
10781 With very clear guidelines
10782 To get things right the first time
10783 Showing off my skills
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