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What Should I Wear Today Quiz

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Our mood for the day our perspective for the our thoughts for the day are displayed best through our outfit of the day. What we wear is the best description of our feeling and our mood for that day.Our mood plays a vital role in deciding what should we wear. Let's test yourself with What Should I Wear Today Quiz & get some interesting results.

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1. Where are you going?

6032 Office
6033 Hangout with friends
6034 Party
6035 Family plan

2. What is the weather outside?

6036 Sunny
6037 Cloudy
6038 Rainy
6039 Windy

3. What is your skin color?

6040 Fair
6041 Dark
6042 Olive skin
6043 Brown

4. Are you planning to impress people around you?

6044 Yes
6045 Yes,can think for it
6046 No
6047 Dress for yourself only

5. What is your mood for the day?

6048 Funny
6049 Boring
6050 Burden
6051 Chilling

6. What is at the higher priority to you?

6052 Looks
6053 Comfort
6054 Style
6055 Society

7. Do you feel that your outfil play a important role in your confidence level?

6056 Yes
6057 Sometimes
6058 No
6059 Not sure

8. What is tthe first thing that strikes as a major concern while you dress up?

6060 Skin
6061 Belly
6062 Thighs
6063 None

9. Which word describe your outfit best according to you?

6064 Smart
6065 Pretty
6066 Modern
6067 Relaxed

10. What you desire to look today like?

6068 Hot
6069 Sexy
6070 Cool
6071 Pretty
Let’s start the quiz

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