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Quiz: What Programming Language Should I Learn?

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Questions & Options

1. Do programming languages interest you?

55730 Yes, I am interested
55731 I will think about it later on
55732 I do not want to learn
55733 I am currently learning one of them

2. Which programming language are you currently learning?

55734 C++
55735 COBOL
55736 Java
55737 ABAP

3. Do you have professional skills in any programming language?

55738 Java
55739 ASP.Net
55740 .NET
55741 SQL

4. Has programming language helped you achieve your dream?

55742 Yes largely
55743 To some extent
55744 No, not precisely
55745 I am not sure

5. Why do you want to study a program designing?

55746 Because I want to become a programmer
55747 Because it is a compulsory subject in my school
55748 No, I do not want to learn it
55749 I will think over it if possible

6. How long do you spend on programming language daily?

55750 10 hours
55751 5 hours
55752 Very few hours
55753 I do not like to waste time on it

7. What is the future of programming language?

55754 Yes, it will be useful in developing software
55755 Its demand will diminish altogether
55756 No, it has no future
55757 Can’t say anything about it

8. Were you born to be a programmer?

55758 Yes, I think so
55759 No, I have learned it myself
55760 No, I do not think so
55761 I do not know what programming was

9. Do you intend to take programming as a career?

55762 Yes, I want to work as a programmer
55763 I will do so in the future
55764 No, I do not want to work as a programmer
55765 I do not know what I will do in the future

10. Do you think programming language has a day-to-day use?

55766 Yes, it is useful in our daily lives
55767 No, it is of no use precisely
55768 I believe partially
55769 Programming has nothing to do with our daily lives
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