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Quiz: What Photography Skill Should You Learn Next?

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Skills are the only thing that motivates a person to be a better person. There are millions of skills to try from. Photography is one of those skills that every person must have dreamt of doing at least once and it is widely accepted as a profession. There are millions of people who might be advanced in photography while some might be at the scratch level. You might have thought which skill to try next and upgrade yourself. You might be eager to know What Photography Skill Should You Learn Next? Try out this quiz and find your answers!!

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1. What is your personality?

96314 Creative
96315 Quirky
96316 Generous
96317 Adventurous

2. What is your best shot in photography?

96318 Creative
96319 Editorial
96320 Technical
96321 Communication

3. On a scale of 1-10, how will you rate yourself in photography?

96322 9
96323 4
96324 7
96325 2

4. How do you feel when you get the best shot?

96326 Happy
96327 Stressed
96328 Whimsical
96329 Overwhelming

5. What time of the day do you find best for photography?

96330 Evening
96331 Late Night
96332 Early Morning
96333 Afternoon

6. What is your favorite niche to shoot?

96334 Fashion
96335 Sports
96336 Architecture
96337 Portrait

7. What's in your mind while shooting in manual mode?

96338 Getting proper images
96339 Hoping light does not change much
96340 Struggle to understand exposure
96341 Sometimes getting good images and sometimes bad

8. What will you choose for white balance?

96342 Kelvins
96343 Camera Presets
96344 Gray card
96345 I don't set white balance

9. How do you feel about lighting at your house?

96346 I have amazing natural light
96347 No lights in my house
96348 Somewhat okay
96349 I kinda hate them

10. Pick your favorite composition?

96350 Rule of thirds
96351 Leading Lines
96352 Framing
96353 Negative Space

11. How long it's been for you shooting in manual mode?

96354 6 months
96355 Less than 6 months
96356 More than 6 months
96357 I don't shoot in manual mode

12. Can you create consistent photos from camera to editing?

96358 Not at all
96359 Depends
96360 Yes!
96361 Kinda between yes and no
Let’s start the quiz

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