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What is Your True Gender Quiz

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Gender is a socially constructed term. According to this person follows the rule which is fixed by society. In the biological term, sex is used for the differentiation of male and female. Sometimes you feel opposite to your biological character, people said them tomboys or girly man so move away from your fix general role & know what is your real gender. Let's take What is Your True Gender Fun Quiz.

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1. Do you want to follow the rule which is set by society?

1768 No
1769 Yes
1770 Not Sure
1771 Yes Sure

2. Are you like gossips?

1772 No
1773 Yes
1774 Not Sure
1775 Maybe

3. Who takes a decision in your life?

1776 You
1777 Family member
1778 Yourself
1779 Family dependent

4. Which color is your favorite?

1780 Blue
1781 Pink
1782 Dark Blue
1783 Dark Pink

5. Do you believe in a big friend circle?

1784 Yes
1785 No
1786 Maybe Yes
1787 Maybe No

6. Does your friend know about your crush?

1788 Yes
1789 No
1790 Maybe Yes
1791 Maybe No

7. What kind of relationship do you want with your partner?

1792 Long term
1793 Lifetime
1794 May be long term
1795 Maybe long term

8. Do you like makeup?

1796 No
1797 Yes
1798 Not sure
1799 Yes sure

9. Which animal do you like most?

1800 Dog
1801 Rabbit
1802 Puppy
1803 Baby Rabbit

10. Which imaginative character do you like most?

1804 Spider-Man
1805 Super women
1806 Iron Man
1807 Super Lady
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