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What Is Your Soulmate Name Quiz

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Somewhere at any stage of life, we all have a crush on someone. So boys if you have a beautiful crush in your life of which you are not confirmed her feeling for you, then this quiz is for you. This will let you know whether she likes you or whether she doesn’t. So let’s begin with the fingers crossed.

Let’s start the quiz

1. What do you think he/she knows you well?

1232 Yes completely
1233 Don’t know
1234 Yes some extent
1235 No , I don’t think so

2. What does he/she do to impress you?

1236 Everything
1237 Wear my favorite color dresses
1238 Give lift to home
1239 Other

3. What type of food does he like?

1240 Spicy
1241 He loves dessert
1242 Pizza
1243 Don’t know

4. When did you start liking him?

1244 4 years ago
1245 6 months ago
1246 1 year
1247 Few Month Ago

5. How many times did he prepare your favorite food?

1248 One time
1249 Every time when I don’t feel good
1250 Never
1251 More Often

6. How many times did he express his feeling for you?

1252 He never express
1253 More often
1254 Don’t remember
1255 Rarely

7. What type of food does she like?

1256 Spicy
1257 She loves dessert
1258 Pizza
1259 Do not know

8. When did you start liking her?

1260 4 years ago
1261 6 months ago
1262 1 year
1263 Not remember
Let’s start the quiz

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