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Light Reflection And Refraction Science Quiz For 10th Grade

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Light is a form of energy and it always travels in the straight line that forms a shadow. When light travels from one medium to another medium, it does three things- some of it bounces off, some of it goes through, and the rest of it is absorbed. So in this quiz, we focused on two things first one when light bounces and it is called reflection and another one is light goes through the medium and it is called refraction. So take this interesting quiz and know more about light reflection and refraction.

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1. In which mirror, image is always virtual, erect, and at the same distance as to object?

74888 Plane mirror
74889 Spherical mirror
74890 Concave mirror
74891 Convex mirror

2. What is the SI unit of power of the lens?

74892 Ampere
74893 Dioptere
74894 Watt
74895 Newton

3. How many types of lenses?

74896 4
74897 1
74898 2
74899 3

4. The Centre of curvature is represented by...

74900 Coc
74901 cc
74902 Cooc
74903 C

5. How many laws of refraction?

74904 4
74905 5
74906 1
74907 2

6. Which one is the example of a medium?

74908 Air
74909 Mirror
74910 Reflection
74911 Refraction

7. What is the power of the concave lens?

74912 Positive
74913 Negative
74914 Constant
74915 None of these

8. What is the power of convex lens?

74916 Negative
74917 Positive
74918 Constant
74919 All of the above

9. The power of lens is the measure of the degree of....

74920 Converging
74921 Diverging
74922 Convergence or Divergence
74923 None of these

10. The principal focus is represented by....

74924 F
74925 Pf
74926 Both of these
74927 None of these
Let’s start the quiz

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