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Quiz: What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

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Questions & Options

1. What qualities do you possess?

216891 Wit
216892 Patience
216893 Hardworking
216894 Courage

2. At what time do you go to bed?

216895 Before 9pm
216896 9pm to 12am
216897 12am to 3am
216898 After 3am

3. Which ice cream flavor is your most favorite?

216899 Chocolate
216900 Vanilla
216901 Strawberry
216902 Butterscotch

4. What do you do before going to sleep?

216903 Read
216904 Meditate or pray
216905 Something nasty
216906 Nothing special

5. How much would you rate yourself in bed out of 10?

216907 Zero
216908 One to three
216909 Four to seven
216910 Eight to ten

6. What qualities do you look for in your partner?

216911 Romantic
216912 Expressive
216913 Humorous
216914 Wise

7. Suppose the popular girl at your school insults you in front of the whole class, what would you do?

216915 Go home and cry
216916 Complain to higher authorities
216917 Laugh it out
216918 Insult her back, I am better at it

8. Why did you face your first breakup?

216919 Not my fault
216920 It was meant to be
216921 It's dark past, let us not discuss it
216922 Never had a breakup

9. What present would you give to your best friend on their birthday?

216923 Clothes
216924 Perfume
216925 Watch
216926 Chocolates

10. What is your favorite superpower?

216927 Fire breath
216928 Super speed
216929 Flight
216930 Freezing objects

11. What keeps you motivated?

216931 Money
216932 Success
216933 Family
216934 Loving your work

12. What characteristics do you look for in your partner?

216935 Sensitive
216936 Strong
216937 Moody
216938 Protective

13. If you have to confront someone about a problem, what would you rather pick?

216939 Talking to them directly
216940 Ask someone else to tell them
216941 Message them on text
216942 Rather not say, who cares after all

14. Suppose your friend asks you for something that is precious to you, what would you do?

216943 Gift it to them without a second thought
216944 Ask them why and then give it to them
216945 Try to change the topic
216946 Say no directly

15. What do you do at parties?

216947 Only drinks
216948 Dance a lot
216949 Talk to people about politics
216950 What's a party?
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