Quiz: What Is Your Guilty Pleasure?

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Guilty pleasure is something that we are ashamed to admit to others or to ourselves, but still love to do. We all have something that is secret but is typically our guilty pleasure. We might not be very proud to have it or even try to get rid of it and therefore it is important to identify it first. This quiz will help you in identifying your guilty pleasure so that you can later take steps to overcome it. Try out this questionnaire to find out what is your guilty pleasure.

Questions Excerpt

1. What qualities do you possess?

A. Wit

B. Patience

C. Hardworking

D. Courage

2. At what time do you go to bed?

A. Before 9pm

B. 9pm to 12am

C. 12am to 3am

D. After 3am

3. Which ice cream flavor is your most favorite?

A. Chocolate

B. Vanilla

C. Strawberry

D. Butterscotch

4. What do you do before going to sleep?

A. Read

B. Meditate or pray

C. Something nasty

D. Nothing special

5. How much would you rate yourself in bed out of 10?

A. Zero

B. One to three

C. Four to seven

D. Eight to ten

6. What qualities do you look for in your partner?

A. Romantic

B. Expressive

C. Humorous

D. Wise

7. Suppose the popular girl at your school insults you in front of the whole class, what would you do?

A. Go home and cry

B. Complain to higher authorities

C. Laugh it out

D. Insult her back, I am better at it

8. Why did you face your first breakup?

A. Not my fault

B. It was meant to be

C. It's dark past, let us not discuss it

D. Never had a breakup

9. What present would you give to your best friend on their birthday?

A. Clothes

B. Perfume

C. Watch

D. Chocolates

10. What is your favorite superpower?

A. Fire breath

B. Super speed

C. Flight

D. Freezing objects

11. What keeps you motivated?

A. Money

B. Success

C. Family

D. Loving your work

12. What characteristics do you look for in your partner?

A. Sensitive

B. Strong

C. Moody

D. Protective

13. If you have to confront someone about a problem, what would you rather pick?

A. Talking to them directly

B. Ask someone else to tell them

C. Message them on text

D. Rather not say, who cares after all

14. Suppose your friend asks you for something that is precious to you, what would you do?

A. Gift it to them without a second thought

B. Ask them why and then give it to them

C. Try to change the topic

D. Say no directly

15. What do you do at parties?

A. Only drinks

B. Dance a lot

C. Talk to people about politics

D. What's a party?

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