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What Is Your Dating Personality Quiz

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We all like to have to date an awesome & special person and yes, dating is a very interesting & memorable moment for anyone. We all are trying to impress our dating partner on the first date & also want to know much about dating partners. Sometimes our first dating becomes the last dating & we get the date into marriage. Let’s take this dating personality quiz & got your dating personality. (This is only for fun quiz, please do not take seriously.)

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1. How many dates you have per week?

51002 Maximum three
51003 At least two
51004 Only one
51005 More than five & six

2. What do you think makes a successful date?

51006 I think the way you look.
51007 I think, your sex appeal.
51008 I think the way you carry yourself.
51009 Yes, the way you smell.

3. Why do you like to have dates?

51010 For changing partners
51011 Feeling, you are bored.
51012 You don't know more
51013 Because it's requirements

4. What type of person would you like to date?

51014 An Italian personality
51015 A hot blonde personality
51016 A smart/beautiful personality
51017 A very rich personality

5. What would you like your date's place?

51018 Off course restaurants
51019 I like nightclubs
51020 I like Pubs
51021 Maybe anywhere

6. What are your favorite topics which you like to talk about with your date?

51022 About Love
51023 About Politics
51024 About Sex
51025 No comment

7. What will your 1st step after your 1st date?

51026 The Marriage
51027 The Fun & Party
51028 Both of the above
51029 None of the above

8. What will be your advice about dates?

51030 I think, don't do too much.
51031 I think, don't wear too much makeup.
51032 Never sex on the first date.
51033 Do not hang out.

9. What you do not like to do on the date?

51034 Do not like getting drunk
51035 Do not make out right away
51036 Do not ask for money
51037 Do not like being on your phone
Let’s start the quiz

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