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What Is The Base Of Your Relationship Quiz For Newly Couple

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Most of people believe that love and trust are the base of any good and happy relationship but it is not acceptable in every couple relationship. Sometimes different things take the place of love and trust in the relationship. Sometimes people stay with their partner due to his/her financial condition, sometimes his/her good look and many more things. Do you know that what is the base of your relationship, if not then take this quiz and explore more about your relationship?

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1. Do you feel that your partner is funny?

35435 Sometimes.
35436 Yes, all the times.
35437 Well, yes because they are clumsy.
35438 No.

2. Do you still attract towards your partner?

35439 Of course, that's why you picked them.
35440 Yes, but it is not the only reason to like him/her.
35441 Yes.
35442 No, but you attract toward his/her money .

3. According to you what is common between you and your partner?

35443 Good looks
35444 Intelligence
35445 Great sense of humor
35446 Great desire for money

4. Do you feel that financial stability is necessary for any relationship?

35447 Yes
35448 Yes, but love and trust are more important
35449 Yes, but not in every condition
35450 Of course, it is the main thing to survive in a relationship

5. Which thing attracted you to your partner the first time you saw him/her?

35451 His/her physical appearance.
35452 His/her smile
35453 His/her perfume
35454 His/her financial status

6. Which thing do you like to do with your partner?

35455 Hiking.
35456 Traveling.
35457 Playing video games.
35458 Crafting.

7. When do you feel the need of your partner?

35459 When you are on bed
35460 Every time
35461 Most of the time of the day
35462 When you need money

8. Do you have a relationship before your present relationship?

35463 Yes, but it was a long time ago.
35464 Yes, but it only happened a few times.
35465 Yes, it was a few months ago.
35466 No, not yet.

9. Do you think your partner keep secrets?

35467 Yes.
35468 No.
35469 Sometimes.
35470 Most of the times.

10. Would you survive without your partner?

35471 Yes, of course.
35472 Yes, since it has happened before.
35473 No.
35474 No, because he/she is the love of your life.
Let’s start the quiz

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