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Quiz: What Emoji Are You?

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Questions & Options

1. How fascinating are you?

54142 To some extent
54143 To a significant extent
54144 I am less appealing
54145 I would rather not say

2. How old are you?

54146 20 years
54147 25 years
54148 30 years
54149 35 years

3. Which type of Emoji do you represent?

54150 I am a facial Emoji
54151 I am an Emoji meant for clothes
54152 I am a hand gesture Emoji
54153 I represent accessories

4. How do you express yourself?

54154 I make others laugh
54155 I make a crying appeal
54156 I wink a lot
54157 I am a quiet Emoji

5. What kind of colorful Emoji are you?

54158 I represent the yellow color
54159 I prefer red to express myself
54160 I am a blue color geek
54161 I am a multicolor Emoji

6. How useful are you?

54162 I am extremely useful to others
54163 I am less useful nowadays
54164 People use me occasionally
54165 I prefer not to say

7. How do you doing with other people?

54166 I am very conservative in my approach
54167 I stay aloof from others
54168 I prefer to be friendly all the time
54169 I prefer not to say

8. How well known are you?

54170 I am a known character worldwide
54171 I am a low profile person
54172 Only youngsters prefer me
54173 I am not sure about it

9. How do you respond to critique?

54174 I feel the heat when I am criticized
54175 I give it back with a bang
54176 I react moderately
54177 I am not sure what to do

10. How long will you survive in this digital world?

54178 As long as digital media exists
54179 I will survive for a shorter period
54180 I will vanish immediately
54181 I cannot say anything about it
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