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Quiz: What Do I Want For My Birthday?

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Birthdays are always special. Everyone wants to have some special wish with a joyous celebration for their birthday. Interesting to bring out your secret desire. Are you materialistic or want your secret crush? Whether a ten-year-old child or a 50-year-old wife everyone wants a surprise gift from their near and dear ones. So let's have fun and play a 10 question quiz that tells your wished knack for the birthday.

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1. What gift would you like to have on birthday?

53098 Car
53099 iPhone
53100 Money
53101 Bike

2. Whenever there is a family crisis, what do you do?

53102 I generally comfort others
53103 Problem solver
53104 Generally, a crisis is caused by me
53105 I avoid the issue

3. How old are you?

53106 Less than 10
53107 10 to 20
53108 20 to 30
53109 More than 50

4. Where would you like to travel on birthday?

53110 Disneyland
53111 Sydney
53112 Paris
53113 London

5. Which is cake flavor do you want for your birthday?

53114 Chocolate
53115 Strawberry
53116 Vanilla
53117 Confetti

6. Your birthday falls in which season?

53118 Summer
53119 Winter
53120 Spring
53121 Autumn

7. Which cricketer would you like to meet on your birthday?

53122 Don Bradman
53123 Brett Lee
53124 Ricky Ponting
53125 Kevin Pietersen

8. With whom would you like to celebrate your birthday?

53126 Friends
53127 Relatives
53128 Alone
53129 With all friends and relatives

9. What's the biggest dream for your birthday?

53130 You always stay with your family
53131 You get married to your girlfriend
53132 To be a billionaire
53133 To be famous

10. You couldn't live without

53134 Privacy
53135 Phone
53136 Friends
53137 Sex
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